Sexual Health

We offer a range of free and confidential sexual health services to young people in Cambridgeshire including:

Free Condoms
Pregnancy Testing
Chlamydia testing

No appointment is necessary – if you’re 25 or under, just pop in whenever we’re open.  Sex and relationships can be hard to talk about sometimes.  At Centre 33 we’re used to talking to people about all sorts of things – we’re not embarrassed by them, which hopefully makes it easier for you to talk to us.  If you’re worried about which contraception to use, or whether you’re ready to have sex or anything else that might be tricky or embarrassing to talk to some other people about, we’re here to listen and to help.

When you drop-in to Centre 33, you’ll be offered a drink and a private space to have a chat with one of our workers.  We will listen to you, and help you find ways to sort out anything that is worrying you.  We will either offer something that will help straight away (like doing a pregnancy test or giving you some condoms) or we’ll tell you exactly where you can go to for help (if you need a full sexual health check-up, for example).

Contact us

You can drop-in to Centre 33 for a chat any time we’re open.  If you prefer you can call us on 01223 316 488 or email


All Centre 33 services are confidential, which means that we will not tell anyone, without your permission, that you are in contact with us or what you tell us.  That would only change if we thought you or someone else was at risk of serious harm – if we did have to pass information on, we would always try to talk to you about that first.

Other websites you might find useful

If you need emergency contraception (the morning after pill) you can find out where to get it here  - Free & confidential information for under 25s about Sex, Relationships, STI’s, Contraception, Pregnancy and more - Information on Sexual Health services in Cambridge including online booking service for sexual health screening appointments – A real and relevant guide to sex, relationships and you.  Suitable for 14 year olds and over.